IBM ODM - Business Agility
IBM ODM – Driving Business Agility

Whether your team is new to ODM or wants your team to learn the advanced capabilities of ODM, we can help them.  We provided structured training from the basics to the advanced topics.  We can provide custom shoulder-to-shoulder mentoring.  Ask us how we can help your team.


Are you moving to a new version of ODM?  Are you switching to Decision Services or the Decision Engine?  Acorn Solutions Group are experts in moving current implementations to the latest version.  Whether you want to leverage the latest ODM features or just want to stay on an IBM supported platform, we can help you map out and execute the quickest path to migrate.  Contact us for our ODM Migration Survey!

Decision Modeling and Development

The initial steps to implementing automated decisions are to understand what the decision is and how it is made.  Decision Modeling is the clearest way to capture a decision for both business and technical teams.  Decision Modeling will allow us to visually represent a decision, it’s input and outputs, and the business rules that are needed to make the decision. 

Decision Support

Not all customers require a fulltime resource.  We are happy to provide you with adhoc support to help your team through the tough topics, architectural decisions, intermittent questions, or just provide guidance on an as-needed basis.  Let’s discuss your project needs and we can provide you with alternatives.